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The *MIGHTY* (yet modest) Two Tub Man's comic book links.

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Updated 99/05/28. If I've missed a link to your site, E-Mail me.

eBay Listings: Comic Books
The Mother of all scan sources. Content changes every second. You can browse by category or search. I use a set of search URLs which you can use if you like.

Anthony's Comic Book Cover Scan Page
Smoo is *the* comic scan man. There may not be too many images on his web site, but he's got gigs and gigs to trade. Also a super nice guy.

Aquaman Cover Gallery
Most of the S.A. Aquaman covers can be found here, Medium to small scans.

Atlas Comics Cover Gallery
Has scans of quite a few 50's Atlas and Timely books.

Avengers Cover Gallery
Lots of Marvel's Avengers comics covers here. Smallish scans.

Bill Burns' Custom Action Figures
Customized action figues, like of JSA characters...

Blackhawk Comics Home Page
A very nice resource for Blackhawk fans including small sized cover scans.

Cheeks The Toy Wonder's Silver Age Comics Page
Outstanding site with features on most silver age characters, DC, Marvel and others (including Herbie!). Many scans including some great covers. You'll spend many an hour here...

Chemical Comics
Chemistry promted to kids with a cool "Periodic Table of Comic Book Elements."

Collecting - Comic Book Museum
Has some S A. scans, apparently plans to add G.A. You can add your comics if you like.

Colonel Mondardo's Comic Covers
Quite a few silver age scans here, mostly DC.

Comic Page - your guide to the history of comics - comic book history
Pauly the NBC Peacock sez: "It's got JAVAscript!" But there are some small scans of "historically" significant books, links and more. Another bummer: the scans are tiny but the file sizes are huge, for us 28.8 surfers at least...

Comics Research Libraries
Not for scans, but maybe you live near to a collection that has public access, you lucky dog!
Click on "library" button to read some Golden Age comics on-line. Hard sell.

Dave Studham's All Star Comics page
All of the golden age covers can be found here.

Dime Box Books Home Page
Girlie mags, cheesecake, Rogue, lotsa sleazy paperbacks, and more for sale and viewing. Includes galleries of Trailer Trash, Peter Driben, racy paperbacks, more.

Fiction House scans.
Jumbo and Jungle covers.

Four Color Dream
Cover gallery by artist, golden to modern. Includes Baker, L.B. Cole, Kirby, Adams, lots more. Small scans, all text in Japanese.

Gallery of Comic Book Covers From The 1940s: Monthly Feature
Over 30 nice full sized scans of Golden Age books. Some classics. Also the "registry of golden age enthusiasts."

Gallery of Crime
Kick-ASS!! Crime covers from the 40's and 50's, GGA, more. Check it OUT!

Gallery of Golden Age Heroes!
Fun little web page featuring obscure G.A. mystery men. No cover scans.

Golden Age Batman Cover Gallery
Very nice collection of full sized Golden Age Batman scans. Having a copyright notice when displaying other peoples' trademarks is a little gauche tho...

Golden Comics
Quite a few G.A. & S.A. scans here.

Good Girl Art and Fiction House c/o The Cubic Zirconia Reader
Has a few Fiction House scans and lots more stuff, including a page on SOTI.

Golden Age Green Arrow
Scott McCullar's great Green Arrow site.

Great American Pin-Up
"Home of the Greatest Collection of Original Pin-Up Art 1930-70"

Green Lantern Comic Book Covers
You can get *all* of the Silver Age Green Lantern covers here, medium size and half-assed quality.

History of Superhero Comic Books!
Well done and informative. No scans but worth a visit.

History of Superman
Supes, Jimmy, Lois, et al. A few scans.

"A free magazine about comics from the 1930s to the 1970s, and pulp magazines, edited by Joseph Lovece and John Haines." A very cool, very good online fanzine. Tub-Bob sez check it out.

Homeroom1 comic books review
An overview of what comic books looked like in the past. Quite a few scans.

John Lee: Comic Book Selections
A dozen or so (15 at last count, smallish) classic GGA and other Golden Age covers on display here.

Lev Gleason's Comic House
Lev Gleason, Chesler... cool.

Max Salmenson's Comic Cover Gallery
Quite a few scans, some nice Schomburg GGA, Wood & Feldstein sci-fi, a buncha nice Planets, a couple S.A. DC, various pre-code horror, pulps. Some really nice classics, worth a visit!

Maxwell Grant's The Shadow plus The Spider, Operator 5 & more pulp fiction stuff!!!
Excellent page on hero pulps. Lots of Spider, Shadow and other covers scans.

Men's Room
Lots of scans of vintage smut: sleazy GGA paperbacks from yesteryear, plus way more cool stuff!

MLJ Scans
Quite a few scans of cool GA MLJ (pre-Archie hero) covers.

Mogozuzu Home Page
Has quite a few scans of pulp covers, including some risque GGA, also a few G.A. and S.A. comix.

Norm Saunders Pulp Cover Gallery
Quite a few scans of cover paintings by Norm who also did the 1966 Batman trading cards.

Obscure Mystery Men of the Golden Age
A few cool little-known heroes represented here. No cover scans.

Official Nick Cardy Web Site - Cardy Gallery
Quite a few Silver Age scans of covers by guess who.

Prescription for Excitement!
Several scanned Golden Age mystery men stories on-line and not a profiteer! Cool!

Pulp fiction paperbacks.
Hundreds of smallish scans of rockin' old sleazy paperback book covers that they are selling as postcards.

Pulp Zone
Cool Portugese site with lotsa scans.

Registry of Golden-Age Enthusiasts
Meet fellow enthusiasts! Also a link source.

Rip Hunter... Time Master
Small scans for most of the Silver Age covers.

Scoop Scoop
Pinup mags, glamor mags, etc. for sale. Cover gallery.

Search the Grand Comics Database
Was down today...

Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index
I was always a DC man, but if you like Marvel Comics superheroes, this ambitious site is a must. Most of the covers from all titles are available here.

Silver Lantern: A Tribute to DC Comics Silver-Age Featuring Green Lantern
Smallish GL scans, other SA DC scans; Showcase etc.

Spider Online!
Excellent page. Lotsa scans, the Spider rocks!

Sugar and Spike Webpage
Sheldon Meyer's terrific tykes.

SUPER MARKETING: Ads from the comic books
Ahhh... the *back* covers! Does life get any better? Or cooler?

Super Powers Figures!
Not comics... action figures!
Fairly comprehensive site on pulps, with scans.

Timely Comics
Heroes & villains of Golden Age Timelys.

Unofficial Marvel Family Web Page
Has a gallery of full-size scans of Golden Age Marvel Family covers, maybe a dozen or more.

Vintage Science Fiction Pulp
Several cover galleries; Finlay, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Weird Tales, Amazing...

Wasted Bandwidth
Several G.A. and S.A. scans, click on "geek page." Also lots of cool links to non-comics stuff.

WEIRD old comic book covers
Joe Bates' weirdness includes a bunch of small pics of way cool old comic covers.

Wonder Woman Pages
Golden age and Silver age, lots of scans.

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