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February 8, 2000. The entire site is back on-line! The topbrewed site is gonna have to wait a while, in the meantime I can post requests on the alt.binaries.pictures.comics newsgroup. I have a larger hard drive on the way, maybe I'll set up an FTP site or an http server after I learn how. The reason the site was taken down was a combination of copyright fascism on the part of someone who claimed to own the rights to the Spider pulp covers (which were back up the next day) and of the utter lack of service provided by xoom. What's the point of unlimited webspace if it's just going to be removed without warning?

By the way, now that Tripod has instituted a new policy of automatically deleting pages that aren't updated every 30 days, I'm outta there. My new URL will be http://members.home.net/fartpipe/welcome.htm for this screen. Remember that you can always find me via http://i.am/testiculos so adjust your bookmarks and links accordingly please.

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